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inktober: week 3

October 20, 2015 by Sharon | 0 comments

Whelp…I’m behind on my drawings. I haven’t given up, though, and I’m still trucking through the challenge. Still, there are only 3 drawings to share from the past week.

day 15 | peggy carter | captain america/agents carter/mcu

day 17 | john + teyla | stargate atlantis

day 18 | ororo munroe/storm | x-men

This was my first time drawing Storm. I based her features loosely on Lupita Nyong’o, since both she and Ororo have Kenyan ancestry. And I wouldn’t mind seeing Lupita play her in real life.

I’m considering putting these drawings for sale in my storenvy. But I’m more attached to some than others, and it will be a while before I could part with them, if ever.

For now on, I will try to not spend so much time on each drawing, because I’ve easily spent 2-3 hours on each one, including the initial pencilling stage. On to next week. :)

fan art friday: gambit + rogue [x-men]

August 28, 2015 by Sharon | 0 comments

I was a big fan of the X-Men cartoon series back in the day. So it was with warm nostalgia that I decided to draw this pair in my current style. After my first unsuccessful attempt at drawing 90s Gambit and Rogue, I chose to start fresh. It ended up being more of a mid-century style of the characters, but I like it a lot. Especially Remy’s face. And hair. Who am I kidding? I love everything about how he turned out. (I am notoriously and vocally up front about my deficiency in drawing the male form.) The drawing process was broadcast live via Periscope.

The initial sketch was done in blue pencil. Then I went straight to inks with Staedtler pens. Then I scanned the drawing and colored it using Photoshop. You can view more photos of my progress at my Instagram (sharon82).

Email me to purchase a PRINT.

If you have a suggestion for characters you would like to see me draw, please leave me a comment.

Have a great weekend!

art | jubilee

July 27, 2015 by Sharon | 0 comments


Yesterday I mentioned to my sister that I was writing the previous blog post. She said that she had honestly forgotten that I had a blog. >_<

I loved the characters from the 90s X-Men cartoon, and for quite some time I’ve been wanting to draw Jubilee. I broadcast the process on periscope. You can view it here for a few more hours.

So don’t be surprised if a wild Rogue or Gambit pop up in the next few days.