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I won a coloring contest when I was four and I’ve been drawing ever since. In December 0f 2006, I earned a BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography from the University of South Alabama. You can check out my photography work here.

My hobbies include watching TV (hello fandom), going to museums, and researching my geneaology.

I drink a lot of tea.


  1. whoooa….so i stumble upon your blog b/c i could it on my ‘tags’ link, and i just commented on your latest post….and i go onto your ‘about’ section, and you’re from mobile! do i know you from somewhere? b/c you totally look familiar! i was born and raised from mobile, btw. did you go to murphy?

  2. What a niceeee photos! I’ve been enjoying those pieces of life from over there far. Thanks.

    One saludo!

  3. You left me a message à long time ago… But I’m always late… Thank you, your work is nice too!

  4. What up, Samples?

  5. I love you’re drawings! You definitely should be an illustrator.

  6. I see you are as delayed in your ‘catching up’ as I am…so maybe this will be a nice rememory….We met you at ArtWalk on August 9; I bought a couple of cards then came back and took home your Goldilox and Pryncess (my impressions). We LOVE them – Rob even said, ‘they look even better in the light!’ Very glad to have met you, and chat for a little. Hope to see you somewhere else soon. Keep up the GREAT work – you are a very talented artist and should have more opportunities to show our little corner of the world. Did you contact Charlie??

    • Hi, Shannon. It was really great to meet you both. I’m glad to hear that my prints held up to the harsh light of day. ;)

      I am making an effort to create more art and show it more often. So I hope to have things at September’s Artwalk.

      I did get a chance to talk to Charlie. He actually came by my booth later that evening, before your return trip. :)

  7. Tea is overrated

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