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Happy August!

I cannot believe that more than half the year has gone by already. But I am doing better by posting new(ish) art two Mondays in a row. So, yay! for consistency.

A month ago, I did a OC meme, just for fun. Many of you may not know that I have a good amount of original characters that have been created over the years. It’s been a while since I had drawn many of my characters. So I thought it would be cool to see what they would look like in my current drawing style as well as modern clothing.

The following commentary and scribbles beside each drawing give evidence to what a big nerd I am.

1. Your first OC ever?

I created Adriana (and her friends) back in middle school. I was reading a lot of teen romance novels. So I came up with this story and characters that was actually quite dark and scandalous. Basically a wholesome girl who gets in over her head when she starts spending time with the mysterious new guy in town.


21. Your most artistic OC

That would be Neera. I don’t remember how it came about that she had was the artist. I guess it just fit the bohemian vibe she has. And it’s also a way for her to cope with the loss of her mother.



Tuan & Neera

The are step-siblings. They’ve basically grown up together e.g. Barry Allen and Iris West from The Flash.

And, yes, I realize that they look a lot like Bellamy Blake and Raven Reyes from The 100. I can’t really help that, since I created these characters when I was a teenager (in the mid-90′s, if you must know). I guess my young mind was way ahead of the ethnically-ambiguous aesthetic curve. But I’m glad that Bob Morley exists because I was finally able to find an appropriate reference for Tuan’s hair. I would show you early drawing of Tuan as proof, but I do not wish to embarrass myself further.

Also, Neera’s middle name is Raven.


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