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Arts Alive 2013



I’m really bad about this updating this, but I have a wonderful announcement. After much deliberation, I decided to apply to be a display artist at Arts Alive. I send the application in at the last minute. They accepted me. The festival coincides with South Sounds Music Festival and Temporal City Festival. There will also be a Sketch Crawl hosted by the Mobile Arts Council.

The dates and times for the Street Artist Festival of Arts Alive are as follows:
Saturday, April 13 – 11am-7pm
Sunday, April 14 – 12pm-5pm

I know that my booth will be on the Conti Street side of Cathedral Square, which generally tends to have more shade. So I’m really happy about that, since this weekend is expected to be unseasonably warm.

My wares for sale will include prints from last year’s solo show, mini prints/notecards, and customized Moleskine cahiers (and whatever else I can make before Saturday).


Be sure to stop by and say, hi!

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