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art: the girl who was on fire (Katniss Everdeen)


Seriously, The Hunger Games Trilogy ruined my life. Read with caution, people. I did love the movie, as I felt it did a great job of translating the feel of the book to screen.

After reading the book series, Peeta came out as being my favorite character, which is probably why I drew him first. I didn’t dislike Katniss, but the whole time, I was just hoping for Peeta to survive and his character was so precious to me.

It’s been long enough now that I can take a step back. Over a year ago, when there was first talk of making the book into a movie, I remember people in fandom (at least the people that I was aware of) really clamoring for Hailee Steinfeld to be cast as Katniss. I knew that she given a noteworthy performance in True Grit—a film that still have yet to see—but that’s all I knew. So, when I finally decided to draw Katniss, her name came to mind, and as I looked at pics of her, I felt that she did fit the aesthetic of Katniss a little better than Jennifer Lawrence (though I loved her performance in The Hunger Games).

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