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Today has been a good day. I went to Johnson’s Beach in Perdido, Florida with all of my immediate family, minus my little sis who vacation plans of her own. Still, it was a beautiful day. I actually braved the Gulf waters for the first time since the BP oil rig disaster a little over a year ago. The water was cool, yet refreshing, and there was a continuous, cool breeze blowing the entire time.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to get in the water, yet I didn’t feel like styling my hair, so before leaving, I wrapped my hair up in this yellow, patterned scarf that I purchased a few months ago from ModCloth but had yet to wear. I also wore my Favela shirt by Threadless and some olive clam diggers that I hadn’t worn in ages, cuffing the bottom to give them an different look.

And I drew something, inspired by my turban, my sister’s glasses, and general surroundings. For example, those two girls in the background were actually there.

I see a few things I want to change about this. I’m going to to retrace the lines in Photoshop with my tablet and then color it.

Here’s a handy video of how I wore my turban, except I tied it a little differently (read: crappily). My mom said I looked like Lucille Ball while my sis claimed I looked like Rosie the Riveter. Cool beans. :)

*photos edited using Instagram.

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