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art: Lauren + Dan (commission)

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So, a little while ago, during the latter half of last year, I got a message inquiring if I took commissions. I do, but I had not been advertising that fact at the time since I had been so busy with work.

Long story short, I ended up being commissions by a talented artist/photographer, Lauren Quinn Ward. She had very specific ideas about what she wanted in a portrait of her and her husband, and I was happy to be chosen to fulfill that need. I struggled a bit with getting certain details and the likenesses just right, but, overall, it was a great experience and Lauren was quite patient in working with me. :)

The final result is something we’re all happy with.

I also found out that Lauren has a business making the most adorable stamps. Check out Doodle Design on etsy.

See? Adorable. :)

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