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JAN 21 2019

12:00 am – Try to photograph the blood moon/lunar eclipse, but I don’t have the right lens here. So I just gaze in awe and try to commit it to memory.

5:30 am – Alarm goes off. I turn it off. Im on holiday because of MLK Day.

7:14 am – Finally get up. Still sick. Go to bathroom to blow my nose. Glad my headscarf stayed on through the night.

7:20 am – Load the dishwasher. Lie on the couch to recover from cold. Realize I forgot to bring my phone charger with me into the living room. Find two more teacups on my nightstand when I go back to my bedroom. Put on my gray and white polka dot fuzzy robe that my mom bought for me. Load them into the already-going dishwasher.

7:22 am – Fill my stainless steel bottle with water to drink today. Need to stay hydrated to help this sore throat.

7:24 am – Lie on couch and start looking for a journaling app. Decide to just start the thing in Notes app.

7:31 am – My stomach starts to gurgle. I’m hungry, but don’t feel like eating anything.

7:34 am – Read Daily Text, Colossians 3:12.

7:36 am – Remember that I still have some mango wedges in the fridge. That makes me think about the way Schuyler Ray was saying the word “fridge” after reading it in the Curtis comic in second grade.

7:37 am – Finish reading the cited text, Micah 7:1-3, which describes corrupt officials abusing their power.

7:42 am – Eat breakfast—mango spears (Walmart—stood in self checkout line for way too long yesterday after vowing never to return to this location because of the ridiculous lines; this time, the self-checkout machines were out of cash…) with Publix vanilla yoghurt in blue Opalhouse glass. Also take daily multivitamin.

7:45 am – Alarm goes off letting me know to start class and take attendance. But I’m off today.

7:50 am – Scrolling through Instagram while I finish the last mango spear. See an ad for ScrapBox and send it to @adornedbynicole.

7:55 – See an Instagram ad for the new show Crashing. I word associate to the Fall Out Boy song entitles “You’re Crashing, But You’re No Wave.”

8:53-10:08 am – FaceTime with family: mom, Laura, Peighton, Nicole. Made mom cry telling her about how she is the best person I know.

11:07 am – Completed two Nike Training workouts—Basic Burner (15 min.) and Motion to Burn (30 min.).

11:15 am – Showered.

11:40 am – Moved clothes hampers from my bedroom to my closet to give a semblance of tidiness. Think of Marie Kondo’s Netflix special and how I will maybe tackle folding and purging next weekend.

11:45 am – I draw back the blinds in the living room to let more light in. My patio looks out onto the backstreet of a neighborhood, an unsightly, broken wooden fence separating us.

11:59 am – Lie back on the couch and marvel at all I was able to accomplish before noon, even with this cold. Now I’m hungry again and a health app just reminded me to drink more water.

I miss journaling. I want to take it up again in a format that I can consistently manage. This seems like as good a start as any. I’ll imbed more links to the random things I mentioned, for reference.

Let me know if this is something you would like to continue to see.

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