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fan art friday: jem!


I’m posting this later than planned, but it’s still Friday, so let’s focus on the positive, which is that I do, in fact, have new art to share. It feels good to be consistent. :)

This week we’re delving deep into the 1980s with a rendering of a memorable cartoon character from my childhood—Jem.

And yes, I am aware that a movie based on this character is coming out next month (I saw the trailer months ago. …omg, dude from the boy next door is in it, probabaly playing Jem’s love interest, and now i can’t unsee and it’s giving me very weird feelings because you look like you’re 28 and i hope i’m not supposed to believe you’re in any way a teenager, not with that permanent 5 o’clock shadow…but i’m glad they got a latino to play him…with a name like ‘rio’ how could you not?) I’m actually interested to see it. I mean, for a kids cartoon, it touched on some rather serious issues, such as self esteem, peer pressure, and dealing with the death of a parent. So if this movie takes on even a few of these themes successfully, it would be nice too see.

For inspiration, I looked to what current female pop stars are wearing. I considered Taylor Swift, and then Beyonce and Katy Perry. Finally, I had a “duh” moment, and I focused on Gwen Stefani for inspiration. She even had the period where she was rocking pink hair. After that, it was just left with finding the appropriate references for pose and outfit inspiration.

As usual, this was drawn in pencil and colored in Photoshop CC. I still have a Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask piece to color. Last night I also tackled Daria & Jane. So looked out for those drawing in the posts for the next 2 weeks.

Have a great, safe weekend!

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