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January 21, 2019
by Sharon

About Today

JAN 21 2019 12:00 am – Try to photograph the blood moon/lunar eclipse, but I don’t have the right lens here. So I just gaze in awe and try to commit it to memory. 5:30 am – Alarm goes off. … Continue reading

Paper & The Big Draw

August 8, 2014 by Sharon | 1 Comment


You remember when I said I was going to update my blog at least once a week? No. Well, maybe once a month would have been a better goal. Still, neither one of those happened. I will try to do better.

Last night I attended the preview of the Paper & The Big Draw exhibits at the Mobile Museum of Art. I had received notice of the event via the museum’s email newsletter. Every Thursday, the museum has free admission. They host special events in the evening in a feature called Museum Nights. Of course, I was excited to see this exhibit because I really liked the drawing featured in the preview image. There is some very stunning work in this show. My favorite piece was this massive illustration of a tiger drawn by Paper Frank.

After the show, I was looking through Mobile Museum of Art’s Instagram, and Paper Frank was featured. I discovered, that he’s a tattoo artist at City of Ink in Atlanta. Melvin Todd, a former schoolmate of mine (we attended middle school at the same time—he was in 6th grade when I was in 8th, and he was talented even then), also works at City of Ink. So, it would have been cool if I had realized this beforehand and stayed around to possibly chat with Paper Frank.

Attendees were invited to draw right on the museum wall. I could not pass up that opportunity. I was photographed and interview by a news crew. I don’t know if that part will be broadcast in the final cut of the segment, but it was cool all the same. I created a rather nice drawing.


[As I was creating this entry, my mom called me to tell me that she did, in fact, see me on the news this morning. Thankfully, it was just the segment of me drawing, not talking. :)]

Check out the video below.

We could have been friends, now where’s my stuff? [a Veronica Mars Kickstarter confessional]

March 18, 2014 by Sharon | 0 comments


[Update 4.29.14: I’ve since received a link to the movie, t-shirt, and poster. Still waiting on the shipment of the DVDs.]

The Veronica Mars Movie Project is definitely a momentous event. It was the highest funded film project in Kickstarter’s history. Fans were lauded for the success, showing the studio powers-that-be that the viewers know what they want are are willing to support it.

I am one of those supporters.

Veronica Mars was a show that I was always aware of, figured I would enjoy, but never got around to actually watching. My sister started watched the series kept urging me to watch it. To date, I have only seen one episode of the show. Still, when I saw a post on tumblr advertising the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter, I immediately forwarded the information to my sister. I told her I’d be willing to go half on it with her, and I planned on catching up on the show by the time the movie came out.

I do recall seeing all the rewards and having an inkling that there may be problems when it came to fulfilling the rewards of the pledgees. But I thought (possibly naively) that since this was being supported by a major studio and people experienced in the television biz, that they would have all their ducks in a row. Or they would learn a really hard lesson. Anyway, I was confident about getting what I paid for.


As an official Backer of the project, I received frequent email updates about the production of the movie and the status of the rewards. I recall getting an email a few months back saying when the t-shirts would be shipping. I waited with anticipation for something to come in the mail. Time passed and nothing came, but I forgot easily forgot about it, as I got caught up in the goings on of everyday life. I was more expectant of receiving my Lizzie Bennet Diaries DVD, anyway.

As the release date for the movie neared, though, I began to pay more attention to those emails. My sister was eager to see the movie. After informing her that we would be receiving a download link to the movie on March 14, the release date, she decided to host a little “viewing party” at her home.

I received an email update with information on how the movie links would be distributed. The instructions were as follows:



You will receive an email with a digital download code and instructions TOMORROW, March 14. The email with your code will provide more complete details about your download, including instructions on how to redeem it and start watching.

I waited anxiously to receive the link. The company was supposed to send out test emails before the sending out the actual link to make sure that the email addresses worked. I never received any of these.

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April 11, 2013
by Sharon

Arts Alive 2013

I’m really bad about this updating this, but I have a wonderful announcement. After much deliberation, I decided to apply to be a display artist at Arts Alive. I send the application in at the last minute. They accepted me. … Continue reading

July 30, 2011
by Sharon

art: Marjani

Yay! I drew something that’s not fan art. This is my unfortunate reality, because I’ve been doing so much more of the former these past few years. It’s just easier when the characters are ready-made. I’ve been trying to get … Continue reading